Friday, February 20, 2009

30 under Thirty!

I have been inspired to draw up this list by looking at a similar effort by a lot of people.And also Boredom played a very BIG role since i always thought this was a very "cheesy" thing to do. Nevertheless,I base my list under the following rule:
No goal should be even close to both ‘easy’ and 'impossible'.(tending to impossible is fine.)
So here is my list of want-to-achieve things before i turn 30 which is not very far away (Okay, its a little far away):

1.Win an Oscar ( I don’t care for which category but Best Actor in a Leading Role would be nice)
2.Be on the amazing race. And yes I know exactly with who I want to be on the show
3.Go to a French Fishing Village and live there for 6 months. And Fish for a living.
4.Stay in the Burj-al-Arab
5.Own an airline company
6.Have my own talk-show
7.Get Nominated for a Grammy
8.Give a commencement speech to the graduating class at Stanford/Harvard-the likes
10.Cook for a dinner for 50 alone and be appreciated for it by each and every person for each and every dish
11.Write a best-seller book. (Okay, I’ll throw in the “win-a-booker-prize” part too!)
12.Own 20 different breed of dogs. (Yes, they’ll all live with me)
13.Make(Direct-Script) a full-length movie
14.Have a star named after me
15.Attend a UN summit as their “special” guest of honor
16.Discover (not invent) a new island
17.Participate in the Olympics as a part of the Indian Swimming Team
18.Go to Africa and live in the wilderness (till my senses get better of me)
19.Own a restaurant
20.Get a PhD in a field that I’m unfamiliar with right now ( Genetics/English Literature/Economics)
21.Get shortlisted for a Nobel prize
22.Visit the LHC and be the sole authority to push the button for “the” “experiment”
23.Live in 25 countries at least over a span of 5 years
24.Own the worlds most expensive car
25.Become a Rajya Sabha Member
26.Walk on the moon
27.Be the first human to be cloned successfully (commercially of course and yes. For Free.)
28.Be on TIME Magazine’s Cover
29.Invent a new word that is recognized by the Oxford dictionary and becomes one of the most used words like an article or so on and so forth
30.Converse FLUENTLY in 3 different foreign languages. One of them being Arabic.

I really really hope i can complete 10 (okay 5) of the above mentioned things. Here's wishing me luck!


Keerthi Kiran said...

The minimum age for a person to become a member of Rajya Sabha is 30 years.

Other than that all of them are quite possible :P

Utsav said...

okay! (See this is why do ur research well b4 writing sth like this or atleast brush up ur basic civcs) Anyway, how about i become a member the day i just turn 30?(like finish up all paper work n everything n get selected on the day i turn 30) that'd be just under 30 :P :P ! (dont give a counter-argument. please)

Keerthi Kiran said...

totally give in to the creativity :)

Sushant Chandak said...

aah.. owning a restaurant seems good nd is definitely something ill do..
btw your own talk show ? what were u thinkin dada ;P

and could copy n paste a dozen of them for myself though, to add to my wishlist.

p.s. love the creativity ;)

shveta said...

Grammy,Oscar,Nobel... i mean dude you are talking about 30.. i strongly suggest you increase the upper limit :P
The others am sure you will do it :)

Utsav said...

@sushant: its me! has to be a gossip show! (lol..on a more serious note, i was thinking on issues concerning youth) and thanks! :P
@shveta: hehehe..i know but then thats why the rule rite..?

Anuradha Reddy said...

Kitnaaaaaaaaaa..sigh sigh sigh!! :P I just hope you are happy!