Friday, February 20, 2009

30 under Thirty!

I have been inspired to draw up this list by looking at a similar effort by a lot of people.And also Boredom played a very BIG role since i always thought this was a very "cheesy" thing to do. Nevertheless,I base my list under the following rule:
No goal should be even close to both ‘easy’ and 'impossible'.(tending to impossible is fine.)
So here is my list of want-to-achieve things before i turn 30 which is not very far away (Okay, its a little far away):

1.Win an Oscar ( I don’t care for which category but Best Actor in a Leading Role would be nice)
2.Be on the amazing race. And yes I know exactly with who I want to be on the show
3.Go to a French Fishing Village and live there for 6 months. And Fish for a living.
4.Stay in the Burj-al-Arab
5.Own an airline company
6.Have my own talk-show
7.Get Nominated for a Grammy
8.Give a commencement speech to the graduating class at Stanford/Harvard-the likes
10.Cook for a dinner for 50 alone and be appreciated for it by each and every person for each and every dish
11.Write a best-seller book. (Okay, I’ll throw in the “win-a-booker-prize” part too!)
12.Own 20 different breed of dogs. (Yes, they’ll all live with me)
13.Make(Direct-Script) a full-length movie
14.Have a star named after me
15.Attend a UN summit as their “special” guest of honor
16.Discover (not invent) a new island
17.Participate in the Olympics as a part of the Indian Swimming Team
18.Go to Africa and live in the wilderness (till my senses get better of me)
19.Own a restaurant
20.Get a PhD in a field that I’m unfamiliar with right now ( Genetics/English Literature/Economics)
21.Get shortlisted for a Nobel prize
22.Visit the LHC and be the sole authority to push the button for “the” “experiment”
23.Live in 25 countries at least over a span of 5 years
24.Own the worlds most expensive car
25.Become a Rajya Sabha Member
26.Walk on the moon
27.Be the first human to be cloned successfully (commercially of course and yes. For Free.)
28.Be on TIME Magazine’s Cover
29.Invent a new word that is recognized by the Oxford dictionary and becomes one of the most used words like an article or so on and so forth
30.Converse FLUENTLY in 3 different foreign languages. One of them being Arabic.

I really really hope i can complete 10 (okay 5) of the above mentioned things. Here's wishing me luck!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


That’s the funny thing about circles-there is no beginning or end! It’s one of those things that is defined by you. It is something in your control. And it is probably one of the only things where the beginning merges with the ending. Well you can journey all you want in between them but eventually you’ll land up at the same place. Until you are not sure which was the beginning or which you intended was to be the ending!

Beginning and End- Together they stand!

Every ending can be a new beginning...