Thursday, July 24, 2008

Coffee with Utsav!

“Aaah!”, I thought as I saw a Georgia Coffee Machine. Surely a hot cup of cappucino was going to cheer me up and freshen me up! So I took my step forward and approached it with eager anticipation. I clicked all the right buttons and it made all the right noises. I put my cup right under the nozzle just in time when it was spurting out its answer to my request. I was happy. The cup was filling up. Finally, when it was full to its brim only did I remove it from there and walked upto my desk. I kept it there for a while to cool. I am not sure for how long it was. Not more than a few minutes surely! Wrong! As it turned out, I had left it like that for quite some time untouched and ignored. So finally when I did take a sip from it, there was nothing refreshing about it. All I felt was a coldness that swept through my entire body. I thought it’d get better and in that very hope, I continued sipping until there was nothing more left. And now...

The bitterness still remains and it will until something sweet comes along!