Saturday, March 29, 2008

True Lies...

There is nothing, / There is anything, / But there isn't, / Perhaps there is, / Perhaps there isn't, / Surely there is, / Said there isn't, / It's not true, / There is truth, / The lie there is, / There is a lie, / The truth there is, / No one knows, / No one cares, / We know nothing, / We know everything, / Still don't know, / There is an answer, / There isn't an answer, / The truth there is, / The truth there isn't, / The lie there isn't, / The truth there is, / The truth is a lie, / The lie is the truth, / I'm not sure, / Anyone is me, / I am anyone, / Everybody is me / I am everybody, / Like the truth becomes a lie.


Sunday, March 23, 2008


Vusta-The Chinese version of vista. Crap Camera. Kaun Hain Dumb ? Did u know that dum when ultad is mud ? RJ. Pallav’s Cd’s. Oye Rooster, Kabhi peck tho kar?! CC-Cool Cab/Confession Cab. Cham cham. Ganga. Civil War. Moon Sand. Keekiuaah. 5 years. Cheap Songs. Rafting. My shampoo. The UN. L-L-Lies. Food is too expensive here. Campfire. BBQ (which sucked). Sand in eyes. EPC. Nirulas!. No crapping. Bathing together. Chevrolet Optra. Dehradun. The big Shiva statue. Brrrr…its cold. Riverbed. No network. Spicy Chicken. Pakora n Chai. Baba message centre. Goods train. Al habibi. Marhaba. Hayavadhana. Low battery. 26 of us including the drivers-soni’s dream come true. Air hostess. Bubbly!. Jack/Raju. Strong DC. Hmmm-ummm. UMM. Beers. Rum. Lost keys. Lost bags. Orange juice. Jhintak Songs. “TORN”. Aerosmith. When you say nothing at all- I trained him. Drinking and driving is good. 9+5=13. Dominating partner. Nun. On the trees. Cliff Jumping. Chocolate sauce,honey,…!. Sheyx and sheducation. Desperate making out. BABYyy. Passion. Urge. Hawas. Aqua. Vengaboyz. Tent no. 12. Ghosts. Aligarhz box room. Stuccan treat. Costaan bumps. Snaps. Pant’s fall. Mussorrie. Rohan’s indecency. Metallic red/maroon. Hostels. Vamsi. PATELscope!. Worrrssshhttt. Dumb-C’s. What is reshma?. Soddabuddi. Structure or no structure?.Rapids. Golf Course. Roller Coaster. Thank God. Innnnn..Outtt...Innn..Outt...Pushing the limits. NO money. 1750. Fun..


Cheers to those who made it happen. Surely had the time of my life.