Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A matter of choice

I opened the refrigerator and poured myself a very cold glass of water. It was a hot day. Slowly and gradually, the little beads of condensation started making their downward descent. Some were plummeting down at speeds that would put F1 racers at shame. While a few were just hanging on , wondering and hoping that their dear life would be saved if only someone thought of lifting the glass and tilting it. I watched and I watched but I did nothing. I waited for it become warm and then finally when all the beads had settled and solvated into the icy bottom and had made an ominous ring on my table did I decide to pick up the glass. But the water had become hot and I was no longer interested in it. I went up to the fridge again and poured myself another glass of chilled water.

And the cycle continued.


lookwhosback said...

heh...nice....i often play wid those droplets myself

Vineet Pandey said...

a very interesting post.
SO did you do anything the next time?
I believe the intermittent stages of the cycle can be(and are) altered by us. That's what makes life.

rishabh said...

Sometimes its never too late...

sonam said...

at every stage.. life gives you loads of choices... pick one n never look back.

nice post!

utsav said...

@shilpa : thanks..!
@vineet : yes..i did pick up the glass in between !!
@rishab : yes true but then how do u know until u wait till the end ?
@sonam : really ??!?!?!