Sunday, March 18, 2007


Aditya was staring into open space. His life had come to a standstill (not in the strictest sense of the word). He had been doing a lot of things but nothing of importance or grand to talk about or to be proud of. It was quite apparent from his expression that he was looking for something more, something to come by, something to live for. But sadly, this something never came.

Everyday passed without a sense of achievement until there was nothing more to ponder over but remorse itself. He went over the chores in a routine manner and did the necessary things to keep him busy. Yes, it did help him forget things for a moment but it didn’t help him to forget his dreams. Didn’t I mention it before?? Dreams, he had a lot of them. And he wanted to fulfill most of them. And unfortunately, for the rest of the day, he used to lose himself in them. Wondering and Wishing they would come true. What a fool !

Tanya was trapped in a closed space. She didn’t know where to go or what to do. She was very different; she had always been like that. She grew up with tradition as her principle. She lived in a shell. A shell hard to breach. Well, almost! No one really understood why she did what she did and she always had a hard time explaining them. To be frank, she never really cared for anyone else. She was the perfect paradox.

She had almost everything that she ever wanted. The heights that she had reached were difficult to scale by many people. Not to forget the drastic consequences that followed suit.Outgoing, Smart and Sauvé were a few adjectives one could attribute to her. But Alas! All this was to change soon.

To be continued...

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waiting for the continuation ...