Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Relationships-A facade to the Universe ?!?!?

When one thinks of a relationship, its all about caring (is it??) for the other person, that is your counterpart…but does one realize how difficult it is to maintain the passion going all the way ?!? Generally,people are afraid of commitments..not in the case of everyone but most of them..while some think its better not to jump into the sea where there are lots of fish to catch..there are others who worry about the outcome..ofcourse,everyone knows how it hurts when you fall onto hard ground from rooftop..don’t they ?? one might wonder as to why I am elevating the word ‘relationship’ to a pedestal that is difficult to embark upon,as in calling it a façade of the universe ? Well,the answer is actually pretty simple..everything in this world is living,breathing,eating,drinking (n any other form of adjective that you can think of) relationships !! there is a connection with everything and everyone in this world…whatever you do reflects onto the inner side of what you truly believe or what you want to believe (or so I believe).Everyone has this notion that once your into a relationship,your hands are bound and your legs are chained,but I ask is it the case with everyone ?? I want to know where is the limit …that again depends on different people..the whole point is one cant really choose as to what is being done..i quote from the alchemist “When you want something,the whole universe conspires to bringing it to you (or is it the other way around)??”there are so many questions but very few answers…everything has got a deeper meaning..you just have to know where to dig and how deep to dig..its all the same..superficially,one can be anything he wants but it’s the true-inner-self that is of interest here..i just stare at this piece of crap that I’v just written n wonder…do I truly believe in what I am writng ?? Am I practicing what I preach ?The answer again can be an enigma…this is just a simple thought converted into an array of metaphors…just dig deeper and you’ll realize that every word has a different ring to it..a different tone to it….find out..!!

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